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2018 UIM GT15 European Championship – Żnin, Poland

John Moore on 25th June 2018

The Żnin Sport Amateurs Association will be hosting the 2018 UIM GT15 European Championship this weekend.

10 boats from 7 countries will race over 4 heats on the Żnin Small Lake in Poland with Alex Céwe from Sweden and Britain’s Harvey Smith looking to be pre-race favourites.

Smith won the 2017 Powerboat GP GT15 Championship and has been seen campaigning his new F4 Moore hull in British club events this year under the F1 Atlantic team banner.

Smith switches back to GT15 hoping to improve on his fith place overall in the European Championship held in Aluksne, Latvia last year.

Photo: Bob Hammond

2018 UIM GT15 European Championship – provisional entries:

 9 Harvey Smith GBR

11 Nida Kilinskaite LTU

12 Karol Trzebniak POL

15 Daniil Gourianov BLR

62 Alex Céwe SWE

64 Šimon Jung SVK

76 ArQu Saari FIN

87 Jakub Rochnowski POL

70 Hilmer Wiberg SWE

71 Mathilda Wiberg SWE

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