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2021 Rouen 24 gets the go-ahead

John Moore on 23rd February 2021

The 2021 Rouen 24 has been given the go-ahead today and will be held at the beginning of October.

The event was in put doubt after the local council announced their ‘social-ecological ambitions’ and even stated that they could ‘only support the 24-hour motor-boating event if fully carbon-free engines are used’.

However, tonight, those aims were withdrawn and a jubilant Franque-Emmanuel Coupard la Droitte, the president of the Rouen Yacht Club told 76actu:

It was a long, constructive and robust meeting with mutual understanding.

Whether the race will receive financial backing from the council is still to be decided, and this could still impact the running of the event.

After agreeing to allow the race to take place, the Rouen council reiterated that it wants to see clean engines racing on the River Seine in future years.

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