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24 Heures Motonautiques de Rouen 2019 – Session 1

Chris Davies on 1st May 2019

The first session of the 24 Heures Motonautiques de Rouen took off this morning at 10.00.

Team Abu Dhabi made a solid start as reigning F1H2O World Champion Shaun Torrente grabbed the lead with 72 laps completed in front of thousands of spectators lining the banks of the River Seine, Torrente had powered Team Abu Dhabi 35 into a lead of 1:07 over Team Nollet 2 spearheaded by Konstantin Ustinov. 

After his first drive Torrente told us: 

The first session was actually really nice, the nicest weather we’ve ever had, the water was fast. I led for most of the session and I made the fast lap at 1:19.998 and an overall of 72 laps in 1 hour and 40 minutes which is pretty incredible.  We had a small refuelling issue when we switched drivers the first time with Rashed Al Tayer so it has put us off sequence but if that’s the biggest problem we have it’s no problem at all. 

After the first hour Team Hafa Racing (28) managed to gain the lead completing 42 laps, leaving Abu Dhabi’s n. 35 boat in second. Close behind in third position with 41 laps was Team Nollet powered by New Star (2). 

A barrel-rolling accident forced Team Hafa (28) momentarily out of the competition, leaving Team Nollet (2) in the top spot for over 12 hours. 

Further problems  for Team Abu Dhabi arose during the ninth hour when Rashed Al Qemzi had to drive his DAC back because of an overheating issue. The boat was promptly fixed in order to get back in the water and continue the race. 

Torrente explained: 

When Rashed came in the boat was having an overheating problem, something got stuck in the cooling system which overheated the compressor.  Since we had the boat here we went ahead and put on a new gear case and prepared all that we would have to stop for anyways. We did all these changes and then sent him back out.

The thrilling finale of  the first session started when Team Abu Dhabi began to close in on their rivals and a sterling fight back by the team enabled the DAC to finish session one in the first position. Team Nollet 2 was forced back in the second position with Team Abu Dhabi 36 rounding up the top 3.

The second half of the 2019 edition of the 24 Hours of Rouen will resume at 07.00 hrs tomorrow morning.

Photos: Chris Davies 

24 Heures Motonautiques de Rouen 2019

ClassRace Number Team Boat Driver 1Driver 2 Driver 3 Driver 4 Laps
S2#35Team Abu DhabiDACShaun Torrente (USA)Rashed Al Qemzi (UAE)Rashed Al Tayer (UAE)Tullio Abbate (ITA)836
S2#27B.R.T.BabaAlexandre Bourgeot (FRA)Jean‐Baptiste Gouley (FRA)Thierry Petiot (FRA)Dominick Thomas (FRA)771
S2#36Team Abu DhabiDACFaleh Al Mansoori (UAE)Rashed Al Remeithi (UAE)Majed Al Mansoori (UAE)Mohamed Al Mehairbi (UAE)697
S2#32Team Navikart Solidaires en PelotonMooreSébastien Lemoine (FRA)Stéphane Lemoine (FRA)Olivier Bétin (FRA)Philippe Tourre (FRA)695
S2#1Team Nollet Powered by New Star DAC Dmitry Malkin (RUS)Andrei Paniushkin (RUS)Roman Vandyshev (RUS)Dmitriy Vandyshev (RUS)684
S2#4Somedec Racing TeamMooreAlain Delpeuch (FRA)Pierre Pujol (FRA)Lionnel Appietto (FRA)Laurent Gimenez (FRA)665
S2#2Team Nollet Powered by New Star DAC Philippe Chiappe (FRA)Nelson Morin (FRA)Peter Morin (FRA)Konstantin Ustinov (RUS)614
S3#41Arion RacingMooreDavid Helluin (FRA)Margot Lemesle (FRA)Flavien Ducellier (FRA)Fabrice Antoncic (FRA)526
S3#87CMNBurgessPaul Palenzuela (FRA)Guillaume Drugeon (FRA)Jason Houisse (FRA)498
S3#99Team Boat 99MooreQuentin Dailly (FRA)Jérémy Brisset (FRA)Romuald Kauffman (FRA)493
S3#69DEFI24H ESIGELECMolgaardThibaut Clément (FRA)Quentin Ouagadjio (FRA)Thomas Folkmann (FRA)Dylan Huybant (FRA)438
X#50VSI RacingBurgessAlexandre Fouquet (FRA)Adam Carly (FRA)Michaël Dragutin (FRA)William Lebret (FRA)
Antoine Hinfray (FRA)
S3#77Team SV RACINGMooreJean‐Marc Feyt (FRA)Philippe Grognet (FRA)Samuel Buisson (FRA)Arnaud Desbuissons (FRA)412
S3#70Viking Inshore ClubMooreYohann Racine (FRA)Thomas Gosselin (FRA)Quentin Gratigny (FRA)Arnaud Cariou (FRA)404
S3#68Phoenix Racing TeamBabaClaire Buquet (FRA)Chloé Le Deunff (FRA)Hervé Pointier (FRA)Lubna Poulet (FRA)376
S3#67Phoenix Racing TeamMolgaardRichard Le Goadec (FRA)Bernard Poulet (FRA)Sébastien Queva (FRA)Stéphane Sellem (FRA)348
S2#28Team Hafa RacingMoorePhilippe Boutrais (FRA)Antoine Boutrais (FRA)Aurelien Loutz (FRA)Jean‐Baptiste Thomas (FRA)769 (DNF)
S3#72Team MagaurMolgaardJulien Beaucourt (FRA)Ben Jelf (GBR)Joris Colleret (FRA)Antonin Ferreira (FRA)478 (DNF)
S2#26X Trem RacingMooreLoïc Huet (FRA)Thomas Cleret (FRA)Quentin Octau (FRA)Alexis Fischer (FRA)362 (DNF)
S2#8Pegase Touax Racing TeamMooreChristophe Boyard (FRA)Xavier Savin (FRA)Denis Jarnigon (FRA)Fabrice Boulier (FRA)362 (DNF)
S3#42Team Copain PiloteMooreAlexandre Jean (FRA)Florian Pierre (FRA)Frédéric Girard (FRA)Ludovic Morice (FRA)
Rudy Revert (FRA)
S3#71Team MagaurMooreXavier Autard (FRA)Alexis Marchand (FRA)Alexandre Lechevalier (FRA)Frédéric Coulodon (FRA)504 (DNQ)
S3#73Maverick RacingMooreThomas Batisse (FRA)Adrien Durant (FRA)Camille Broutechoux (FRA)Maël Perrusset (FRA)480 (DNQ)




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