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24 Heures motonautiques de Rouen – More drama for Team Abu Dhabi

John Moore on 30th April 2017

It’s been a very bad day for Team Abu Dhabi at Rouen.

Earlier, after eighty six laps, their #36 boat driven by their UIM F2 reserve driver Rashed Al Remeithi was caught out by the spray coming from two boats just ahead of him.

The young UAE driver was unhurt in the blow over, but the left sponson was completely destroyed in the impact.

The team then pinned their hopes on the #35 boat.

At approx 19.00 CET #35 with Alex Carella driving, the boat barrel rolled and was subsequently recovered.

Carella is okay, although in shock.

The team are hopeful it can be repaired.

Now it’s a race between the mechanics of Team Abu Dhabi and New Star whose #20 boat experienced gearcase failure at a similar time.



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