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7 year continuing commitment from Branko´s Auto to support Tønsberg Båtrace

John Moore on 8th January 2020

Branko’s Auto AS / Subaru Norge, have signed an agreement with the Tønsberg Båtrace to continue to support the event for a seventh year.

Frode Sundsdal and Joyce Christine Andersen, the organiser’s of the Tønsberg Båtrace announced last month that their event this year will not host a round of the UIM F2 World Championship.

Tønsberg, will however feature on the international calendar this season, and a large international starting line-up is expected in Norway over the weekend of August 7 – 9.

Sundsdal said today:

We are finalising a radical new format for the event at the moment and there is a great deal of interest in our plans

We are sure that we are shaping circuit racing for the future, and we promise an even better show for our audience with more spectacular race-starts.

Sundsdal is not prepared to reveal the new format or timetable yet:

We want to align it with both the Norges Motorsportforbund(NMF) and the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) before we announce!

Joyce Christine Andersen commented on the continued partnership with Branko’s Auto AS:

The fact that we have the Subaru brand, local dealer Branko´s Auto, and their owner and managing director Morten Danby, it is incredibly important for the Tønsberg Båtrace.

Not only is Morten our sponsor, he is also one of our valued volunteers who works tirelessly over the race weekend.

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