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A new dawn for British Offshore Racing

John Moore on 13th January 2018

A bright new dawn was forecast for British Offshore Racing at the London Boat Show today.

Speaking on behalf of the United Kingdom Offshore Powerboat Racing Association (UKOPRA) Kerry Bobin addressed racers and organisers and outlined the association’s role in providing rules, licences and boat registrations for the forthcoming season.

Three events* run by Moto2017 Ltd, the IPRC and the BPRC will accomodate racing for Marathon and Class 3 craft.

Bobin explained that a racing licence will cost £100.00 and will only be valid for the three events with the possibility of a further race to be added for Class 3 boats.

A BPRC meeting held in Southampton yesterday put the final piece in the UKOPRA jigsaw puzzle when their directors authorised the new association to administer their ‘open water Offshore Powerboat Racing in the UK for 2018.

Bobin concluded his presentation with an upbeat message about this year’s competitor numbers, over 25 Class 3 boats and some new Marathon boats are expected to race once UKOPRA open up their online registration process in a couple of weeks time.

*Round 1 – June 8th – June 9th

2018 World Offshore Championship & 2018 British Offshore Racing Series

Fortitudo Property Poole Bay 100 organised by Moto2017 Ltd, sanctioned by UKOPRA

Poole, Dorset

Round 2 – June 30th – July 1st

2018 World Offshore Championship & 2018 British Offshore Racing Series

Falmouth Marathon Regatta organised by the IPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA

Falmouth, Cornwall

Rounds 3 & 4 – August 25th – 26th

2018 World Offshore Championship

Cowes Torquay / Torquay Cowes organised by the BPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA

Round 3

2018 British Offshore Racing Series

Cowes Poole Cowes organised by the BPRC, sanctioned by UKOPRA

Cowes, IOW

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