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AKS Sparta invite you to the auction of the unique poster

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 27th January 2023

Show that you have a big heart.

Show that you have a big heart by participating in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which has been taking place in Poland for over 30 years. Its finale is organized on the last Sunday of January and is the biggest charity movement in Poland, and possibly even the world. Each year, the Orchestra plays for a different purpose, with the main goal of supporting hospitals and saving lives.


The motto is:

Stay healthy in a healthy world!

This year‘s 31st Grand Finale will take place on January 29th, 2023, under the theme:We Want to Beat Sepsis!” We are playing for everyone, both the small and the large. The Grand Finale is a oneday public fundraiser organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Traditionally, the Grand Finale is preceded by online auctions, activities, and events starting in December. The Grand Finale is organized in many cities in Poland and even in different countries across different continents!

AKS Sparta, the organizer of the Grand Prix of Poland, the opening round of the F2 UIM World Championship, joined this event by putting up for auction a poster with the signatures of the drivers who participated in the 2022 F2 UIM World Championship. Additionally, the poster features the signature of Guido Capellini, 10time F1H2O world champion.

You can join the auction on the biggest Polish online e-commerce platform called Allegro. Auction website.

To take part in the auction, you need to have an account, but it is easy to create one. The auction will be open until February 4th. Details of the poster‘s delivery will be individually arranged with the auction‘s winner. Below, you can find more information about this unique charity event.


The Foundation website.


Information from Foundation’s website:

Discover the Grand Finale fundraiser!
The Grand Finale fundraiser is a oneday, public, charitable fundraiser that takes place on a Sunday in January. It is held internationally and managed by local hubs of activity, known as Collection Centres. Over 1700 Collection Centres organize the work of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Our charitable orchestraplays worldwide, wherever there is an active and thriving Polish community abroad, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, across Europe, in the Americas, onboard Polish ships, and even at the North Pole research station!

Grand Finale is a joyous occasion to celebrate the well-aware community, ready to offer unconditional help, to hold a united front for a higher cause. The day is packed to the brim with events, activities, concerts and sporting challenges and the communities get to come together to have fun and raise funds. The initiative inspires people to volunteer and engage in social activism, giving them an opportunity to bond and act together.

Since 1993, the Grand Finale fundraiser has been held to aid a specific medical objective. Our mission is to support Polish children's hospitals by purchasing modern medical equipment. In addition, we also finance eight medical and one educational initiatives. Benefactors can support the effort by putting money in the Collection Boxes, making online and mobile transfers, and participating in charitable auctions held via the Allegro platform.

At 8:00 PM, we used to gather to witness a spectacular light show known asLight Up the Sky“. The display brought people together to celebrate the community and illuminate the winter sky with a positive message. Another highlight of the day came at 11 PM, when we auctioned off some of the most precious lots. Gold Heart pins and Golden SIM Cards were sold during an exciting bidding war broadcast during a live telethon. Finally, at midnight, we announced the preliminary results of the charitable collection. In the thirty years of our charitable endeavours, we raised over EUR 360,000,000 (over PLN 1,750,000,000). We donated nearly 70,000 pieces of medical equipment..

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