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Al-Mulla Clinches UIM-ABP Freestyle World Championship – Reiterer closes in on Ski Division GP1 title – Perez Dominant – Uzare and Ortendahl to decide Ski Ladies

Chris Davies on 12th December 2018

MOTO 2 – Freestyle 

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashid Al-Mulla followed the footsteps of the legendary Florjancic brothers to confirm his maiden UIM-ABP Freestyle World Championship title at Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah today.

The Emirati has totally dominated the Freestyle category this season and victory in both Moto 1 and Moto 2 gave him an unassailable lead in the points’ standings.

There was no respite in Moto 2 and the Team Abu Dhabi rider confirmed a sixth successive win to seal the title.

A very enthusiastic Al Mulla told us: 

I have been working on this programme for seven years now and I have continued to develop and improve my display.  To win the World Championship is a special feeling. I am so happy for my team. Now I can enjoy the final Moto on Friday as the World Champion.

Nunes and Alexander Kuramshin were second and third in Moto 2 after world number one Roberto Mariani suffered ongoing issues with his equipment and failed to start.  Bad luck for Abdeljalil who aborted his second Moto after engine problems.

MOTO 2 – Sky Division GP1 

The Victory Team’s Kevin Reiterer won Moto 1 in Ski Division GP1 from pole position, the Austrian rider cruising to the chequered flag 31.29sec ahead of 2018 European Champion Raphael Maurin of France to extend his series lead to 19 points. Dane Anders Keller was the best of a distant pack of riders and grabbed the bronze medal.

Reiterer closed in on the Ski Division GP1 title by winning Moto 2 by the margin of 30.75 seconds. The Austrian was again the class of the field and, even though Maurin finished second again, Reiterer now has a near unassailable 24-point lead. Belgian Quinten Bossche finished third.

MOTO 2 – Sky Ladies GP1

Ortendahl ensured that the outcome of Ski Ladies goes down to the wire on Friday by winning Moto 2 by the margin of 14.67 seconds. After a disappointing Moto 1 the Swedish rider managed to get back on top, keeping the pressure high for friday’s Moto 3. 

Ortendahl stated:

I changed my mind set for Moto 2, I reloaded. I pushed all I had. I knew it was the last Moto of the day. It went great.

Moto 1 winner Jasmiin Ypraus failed to keep the leading position as the series leader Uzare rounded off the top three.

MOTO 2 – Runabout GP1 

Perez maintained a slender lead over Al-Abdulrazzaq through the early stages of Moto 2 and Al-Tayer benefited from engine sensor repairs to hold fifth.

Al-Tayer displaced Roberto Alexander to snatch fourth behind Akerblom on the next lap. Unfortunately, he lost six places on lap four and eventually retired on lap six with what appeared by be a broken hose on the oil system, as Perez held on to extend his Runabout series lead over an injured runner-up Al-Abdulrazzaq to 11 points.

Denmark’s Jan Jensen finished third.

Moto 3 heats take centre stage on Friday from 14.00hrs. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the turn of the F1 H2O competitors to take to the water for their free practice and BRM Qualifying sessions.


2018 UIM-ABP World Championship – Grand Prix of Sharjah 

Freestyle – Moto 2 

  1. Rashid Al-Mulla (UAE) – 90 pts
  2. Paulo Nunes (PRT) – 64 pts
  3. Alexander Kuramshin (RUS) –  51 pts
  4. Alberto Camerlengo (ITA) –  42 pts
  5. Ali Abdeljali (UAE) – 19 pts
  6. Roberto Mariani (ITA) – DNS 

Freestyle – Moto 1 and Moto 2 (combined)

  1. Rashid Al-Mulla (UAE) – 180 pts
  2. Paolo Nunes (PRT) – 127 pts
  3. Alexander Kuramshin (RUS) – 102 pts
  4. Alberto Camerlengo (ITA) – 87 pts
  5. Ali Abdeljalil (UAE) – 71pts
  6. Roberto Mariani (ITA) – 25pts

Sky Division GP 1 – Moto 2 

  1. Kevin Reiterer (AUT) – 25 pts
  2. Raphael Maurin (FRA) – 20 pts
  3. Quinten Bossche (BEL) – 16 pts
  4. Keller Anders (DEN) – 13 pts
  5. Steven Dauliach (UAE) – 11 pts

Sky Division GP 1 – Moto 1 and Moto 2 (combined)

  1. Kevin Reiterer (AUT) – 50 pts
  2. Raphael Maurin (FRA) – 40 pts
  3. Keller Anders (DEN) – 29 pts
  4. Steven Dauliach (UAE) – 20 pts
  5. Daniel Andersen (NOR) – 20 pts

Sky Ladies GP1 – Moto 2 

  1. Emma-Nellie Ortendahl (SWE) – 25 pts
  2. Jasmiin Ypraus (EST) – 20 pts
  3. Krista Uzare (LAT) – 16 pts
  4. Jonna Borgström (SWE) – 13 pts
  5. Sofie Borgström (SWE) – 11 pts

Sky Ladies GP1 – Moto 1 and Moto 2 (combined)

  1. Jasmiin Ypraus (EST) – 45 pts
  2. Emma- Nellie Ortendahl (SWE) – 38 pts
  3. Krista Uzare (LAT) – 36 pts
  4. Jonna Borgström (SWE) – 29 pts
  5. Sofie Borgström (SWE) – 22 pts

Runabout GP 1 – Moto 2 

  1. Jeremy Perez (FRA) – 25 pts
  2. Yousef Al-Abdulrazzaq (KUW) – 20 pts
  3. Jan Jensen (DEN) – 16 pts
  4. Ronghua Wu (CHI) – 13 pts
  5. Lorenzo Benaglia (ITA) – 11 pts

Runabout GP 1 – Moto 1 and Moto 2 (combined)

  1. Jeremy Perez (FRA) – 50 pts
  2. Yousef Al-Abdulrazzaq (KUW) – 40 pts
  3. Lorenzo Benaglia (ITA) – 22 pts
  4. Jan Jensen (DEN) – 20 pts
  5. Ronghua Wu (CHI) – 18 pts 





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