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Andreas Ove Ugland has passed away

John Moore on 7th March 2020

Norwegian shipping magnate and former offshore racer, Andreas Ove Ugland, has passed away after a short illness, he was 64.

Ugland was born in Grimstad, Norway on the 8th of March 1955, he had three children with his first wife Inger a former Miss Norway, and later married his second wife, Natalie, a businesswoman who owned and operated over 200 stores across Canada under her brand name Natalie Bishop.

He raced in the UIM Class One and ProVee classes and won both the Beaverbrook and Needles trophies in a successful career.

Ugland owned 80 rare, exotic classic cars and motorbikes which he displayed in the Cayman Motor Museum, including a yellow Rolls-Royce from the 1964 film of the same title, starring Ingrid Bergman, Elton John’s old Bentley, and Peter Sellers’s Ferrari and the Batmobile, built for the 1960s television series.

The museum also features a collection of paintings, photographs, local artefacts with one of Ugland’s raceboats outside.

He lived in the Cayman Islands where he continued to run his extensive business interests.

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