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Another Phantom 19G Around the Island success

John Moore on 13th August 2018

David Selley and Matthew Smith took an A-Class record Around the Island time and win in Bermuda yesterday.

The pair steered their Evinrude powered Phantom 19G to a time of 55 minutes and 11 seconds beating last year’s winner, Shaki Easton in a similar hull, by nearly a minute.

Phantom 19G hulls have already taken big wins this year, with Anton Modin’s UIM Gold Medal in the Class 3A European Championship in Smögen, Sweden and Jack Bobin’s Fortitudo Property Poole Bay 100 success in June.

Selley commented after:

I’m glad it’s over, that’s why we only do this race once a year!

It’s very tough on the equipment.

17 boats entered into 4 classes with 11 completing the course.

The 2018 RUBIS Around the Island Power Boat Race Results


1st)  A29    David Selley and Mathew Smith (55.11)
2nd) A26   Shaki Easton and Shane Madeiros (56.04)
3rd)  A16   Ryan Davidge and Richard Davidge (59.40) 

DNF) A77   Jody Carreiro and Tony Carreiro


1st)  B441    Quincy Dowling and Tai Bean (57:02)
2nd) B9        Cleveland Maubury and Joshua Usher (1:04:35)
3rd)  B177    Craig Nesbitt Snr and Craig Nesbitt Jnr (1:06:30)
4th)  B113    Shae Johnson and Esperanza Sobroda (1:19:15)
5th)  B135     John Cook and Sanchea Douglas  (1:26:40)

DNF) B100    Rodrae Wilson and Sanjay Ramatar
DNF) B4        Sadune Raynor and Rickai Raynor
DNS) B8        Mark Selley and Jordan Fletcher

D – Class 

1st) D505     Geoffrey Willoughby and Makinday Johansen (1:05:43)
*9 mins penalty due to incorrect start and times adjusted

DNF) D69   Shawn Butterfield and Alex Gibbs

S – Class 

1st)  S22  Henry Talbot and Andrew Cottingham (40:09)
2nd) S7     Daric Seymour and Justin Renaud (1:10:56)

DNF) S20  Steven Bridges and Keith Bridges

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