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Arand and Wiberg Become The First UIM Class 3J World Champions

John Moore on 31st July 2019

Stefan Arand and Mathilda Wiberg became the very first UIM Class 3J World Champions in Öregrund, Sweden today and Arand, established another first, the only Estonian to have ever won a UIM Class 3 offshore championship.

Both race 1 and 2, which were held yesterday, were challenging due to strong winds and today’s race, which was the longer of the 3, was once again raced in choppy conditions.

Sweden’s Hilmer Wiberg gave the family another medal, taking UIM Silver home with William Sjöström, while the Bronze went to Benjamin Vuorihovi and Filemon Sundberg from Finland.

Provisional Results

2019 UIM 3J World Championship - Standings

#Team NameCountry Driver Co PilotRace 1Race2Race 3Total
J-19 Wiberg RacingESTStefan ArandMathilda Wiberg2254004001025
J-14Wiberg RacingSWEHilmer Wiberg William Sjöström400169225794
J-5Dragon Team FINBenjamin Vuorihovi Filemon Sundberg300300127727
J-3 Braaten Offshore RacingNORThomas BraatenSilje Moen Knutsen9571300466
J-36 Ingvarsson RacingSWERikard Ingvarsson Ronja Häggström7130095466
J-67 Groth Fyrö RacingSWEFredrik Groth Fyrö Filip Eriksson 169127169465
J-86 Huuhka Racing FINTomi Huuhka Albin Hellberg1274040207
J-57 Nordli RacingNOROline Norli Guro Eliasen309571196
J-99Lyngør Racing TeamNORMagnus BangBetina Lyder173053100
J-20 KarnagSWEMatilda Wrenkler Adam Wrenkler530053
J-9NORChristoffer Thorsnes DaleSindre Bergslien Svendsen053053
J-12Warg Racing NORAnniken HansenAlexander Gladmann Karlsen400040
J-216SwinglishGBRHarvey Smith Tom Cewe1322035
J-333Team Crono SWEAlexander CribornRobert Fredriksson 220022
J-411Portugal Team PORDiogo Caires Camara Vasco Miguel Melo Das Neves 0000
J-52 Mäkinen RacingFINAleksi Mäkinen Jyrki Mäkinen 0000
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