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Bacci and Carpitella are the 2018 UIM 3D World Champions

John Moore on 23rd September 2018

Gasbeton driven by Lorenzo Bacci and Giovanni Carpitella won the 2018 UIM 3D World Championship in Chioggia, Italy this afternoon.

All photos courtesy of Malc Attrill

2018 UIM Class 3D World Championship

1st) D10 – Lorenzo Bacci (ITA) / Giovanni Carpitella (ITA) 1100 points

2nd) D20 – Serafino Barlesi (ITA) / Alessandro Barone (ITA) 1000 points 

3rd) D3  – Roberto Lo Piano (ITA) / Mario Petroni (ITA) 619 points

4th) D7  – Andrea Comello (ITA) / Daniele Martignoni (ITA) 563 points

5th) D18 – Fabien Mariani (FRA) / Fabio Magnani (ITA) 254 points

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