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Bad weather doesn’t daunt IPRC enthusiasm

John Moore on 29th July 2017

With the Jet Stream sitting below the British Isles, the whole country is suffering from unseasonable weather.

Holiday makers aren’t the only to suffer, the International Powerboat Racing Club (IPRC) ’s Falmouth to Scilly Isles UIM Marathon race this weekend has had to undergo an haircut.

Race officials have put together a shortened course of 76 NM which will encompass Falmouth to Eddystone Lighthouse, Plymouth and back.

The 4 competing boats, Silverline, Birretta Due, Halcyon Connect and HTS Perkins are moored at Port Penden, Falmouth until around 10am and can be seen from the Maritime Museum walkway.

Start time


Tracking Link

YB Tracking


Mark 1 – Virtual Mark
Approx 1 mile East of Manacles Buoy
50.02.55N 5.00.13W

Mark 2 – Eddystone Rock
50.10.23N 4.14.13W

Mark 3 – Yellow Buoy
50.15.01N 4.12.54W

Mark 4 – Udder Rock Cardinal Buoy
50.18.52N 4.33.51W

Mark 5 – Laid Yellow – Finish Mark
50.05.55N 4.59.52W

Photo: Tim Tapping

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