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Bleil says Race World Offshore have won the Key West Contract

John Moore on 25th March 2019

Race World Offshore (RWO) have beaten the bids of Powerboat P1 / OPA and Super Boat International for the 5-year contract to run the November World Championship according to Larry Bleil, President of RWO.

A thrilled Bleil, said today:

We scored better than the rest of the field and now the City Council just needs to make it official with a final vote to accept the commission’s recommendations when they meet in early May.

I am glad to be back, I contracted these Key West races for many years and I could see how Super Boat International was fading and not bringing anything new to the table.

The race teams, fans and community are going to be delighted to have RWO running the show in a very upbeat and proactive manner.

John Carbonell’s SBI 5-year contract to run races in Key West expired after last November’s event and with Powerboat P1/OPA also submitting a Request For Proposal (RFP) to Key West city officials, the competition for Bleil’s Race World Offshore was tough.

I have been told that RWO scored 87 points with Powerboat P1 / OPA and Super Boat International both scoring 82.4 points, which was judged by the Key West Ranking Committee.

I spoke to Powerboat P1 CEO, Azam Rangoonwala tonight and he told me:

We want to congratulate Larry and RWO for the points win, however, we still have to make our proposal in front of the City Commission.

As you can imagine, we have put a lot of work into this bid.

RWO is promising to provide more details in the coming days ‘as to their schedule and new and exciting Key West activities’.

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