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Champion Chiappe – Frenchman’s 2018 F4-s Title

Chris Davies on 15th December 2018

A 3rd place in the final race of the 2018 F4-s season was good enough for Tom Chiappe to win this year’s Championship at Sharjah today.

Chiappe, who had won the previous 3 races, sat behind his title rival Max Stilz, while Alexander Lindholm took the race win.

The Race

The Victory Team’s Ahmed Al-Fahim got a jump on his nine rivals from the pontoon start and began to edge away from Lindholm, Stilz, Chiappe and Sam Whittle through the opening turns of the 25-lap race.

The procession continued unchanged through the first 10 laps, although Lindholm continued to close in on the leader’s rooster tail.

By halfway, the lead was only 1.25 seconds but the Victory Team driver extended that advantage to 3.02 seconds with eight laps remaining.

The chequered flag brought the procession to a conclusion with Al-Fahim taking the win from Lindholm and Stilz and Chiappe claiming the title.

Mohammed Al-Mehairbi and Rashed Al-Remeithi finished the race in seventh and ninth after Ali Allanjawi collided with his team-mate and race leader at turn four, flipped the second Victory boat on lap 20 and lost ninth place.

As a result, the race finished under a yellow flag.

But Al-Fahim was deemed to have jumped the start, was handed a one-lap penalty and gifted the win to Lindholm.

2018 F4 Trophy – final standings:

1. Tom Chiappe (FRA) Emirates Racing Team – 137 pts
2. Max Stilz (DEU) Blaze Performance – 132 pts
3. Sam Whittle (GBR) F1 Atlantic Team – 118 pts
4. Mohammed Al-Mehairbi (UAE) Team Abu Dhabi – 109 pts
5. Alexander Lindholm (FIN) Team Amaravati – 88 pts
6. Ahmed Al-Fahim (UAE) Victory Team – 75 pts
7. Wu Bingchen (CHN) CTIC F1 China Team – 61 pts
8. Pedro Fortuna (PRT) Team Sweden – 35 pts
9. Ben Jelf (GBR) Team Amaravati – 27 pts
10. Rudolf Mihaldinecz (HUN) Mad-Croc Baba Racing Team – 22 pts
11. Xavier Autard (FRA) Maverick Racing – 21 pts
12. Quentin Dailly (FRA) Maverick Racing -17 pts
13. Ali Allanjawi (UAE) Victory Team – 11 pts
14. Rashed Al-Remeithi (UAE) Team Abu Dhabi – 8 pts
14. Camille Broutechoux (FRA) Maverick Racing -8 pts
16. Joris Colleret (FRA) Maverick Racing – 7 pts
17. Louise Vella (AUS) Mad-Croc Baba Racing Team -5 pts
17. Remi Sebastian (FIN) Mad-Croc Baba Racing Team -5 pts
19. Ian Gonsalves (GUY) Maverick Racing – 3 pts

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