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Comparato F1 returns for 2021

John Moore on 8th November 2020

After winning the 2018 UIM F2 World Championship, Alberto Comparato stepped-up to the F1H2o series last season.

The young Italian competed in six races in 2019 with his best position of sixth coming in the final race of the season in Sharjah.

For next year he is resurrecting the Comparato F1 team which his father, Fabio ran from 2001–10.

He told me:

The idea of bringing back our team started a long time ago.

Comparato has been testing his DAC recently, which is essential considering that F1H2o hasn’t staged a race this season:

We know that it is better to have the racing equipment in Italy for our training programme just as we did with F2.

When I pressed Comparato for further details, he said that at the moment he wasn’t in the position to disclose any more information.

He finished the conversation with a sentiment that I’m sure we can all share:

I just can’t wait now to race again!

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