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Curtis Does the Math

John Moore on 11th October 2019

Miss Geico, are currently third in the 2019 APBA Class One USA Championship with 434 points, and still – on paper at least, have a chance of winning.

Britain’s Steve Curtis always gives it his best and he told the Geico PR team:

I’ve raced in Fort Myers multiple times, beginning in 1983.

One of the things I remember most about this venue is the historically rough conditions, which I prefer.

The team will work to optimise the boat to this weekend’s calmer conditions.

I’m pleased to be back in Fort Myers and look forward to the competition, including the second Victory boat, which is great for the class, and for the sport as a whole.

The championship is still mathematically open, and we fully intend on running the boat as hard as we can to attain the best possible result.

Saturday 12th October

15:00-16:00 Class One – Round 6

(Local time)

Live Stream

2019 APBA Class One USA Championship

1st) 222 Offshore 473 points
2nd) Victory Team #3 463 points
3rd) Miss Geico 434 points
4th) Lucas Oil 240 points
5th) AMI 73 points
6th) Scuderria Cazzani 66 points
7th) Zabo Racing 66 points

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