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Dag Pike has passed away

John Moore on 31st May 2021

Dag Pike has passed away, he was 88.

He had 65 years of experience in ships and boats of all types and wrote over 40 books, and was one of the most experienced seaman and navigators in Britain.

Pike navigated for the Virgin Atlantic II team that successfully crossed the Atlantic and took the Blue Riband in 1986.

75 year old Dag Pike from Bristol (left) celebrates winning the 2008 Round Britain Offshore Powerboat Race with his Greek team-mates, Vassilis Pateras (right), Panos Tsikopoulos (2nd left) and Lefteris Vasilou on their return to Portsmouth. (Photo by Chris Ison – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

He won the Round Britain Powerboat Race on two occasions, in 1984 with Fabio Buzzi in White Iveco, and in 2008, at the age of 75 with the Greek Blue FPT team.

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