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Debut win for Buckner

John Moore on 9th September 2018

The Multispark Challenge Trophy concluded the 2018 UKOPRA Offshore Racing season and the event boasted a rookie winner.

Paul Buckner, who is no stranger to boats and the sea, made his racing debut in a Mercruiser powered Pantera hull and took an overall win at 44.45mph in a choppy Poole Bay.

Pre-race favourites, Warpath and Fortitudo Cougar both succumbed to issues.

Warpath and Fortitudo Cougar Photo: Mike Powell

Glenn Chidzoy, Ole Finholt and Gordon Compton dropped oil pressure on an Ilmor motor, while Richard Carr, Mark Pascoe and James Sinclair lost a propeller blade on the final lap when an overall win was looking a distinct possibility.

Vincent Berridge and Dommo Lewis making their debut in a UKOPRA event, finished second overall and first in Class 3 A/B.

Vincent Berridge and Dommo Lewis Photo: Mike Powell

Behind them were race sponsors, Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey in Multispark Racing Products.

Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey Photo: Mike Powell

Dennis Clemson made his return to Offshore racing in the aluminium Forgecraft hull, Jupiter partnering with Nick Crouch. The pair positively relished the lumpy conditions.

Dennis Clemson and Nick Crouch Photo: Mike Powell

So did Beaver Returns, Thomas and Brian Pelham pushed their Revenger to the limits, however, both crews were to be disappointed when they were informed after the race that they had taken a mark at Boscombe Pier incorrectly and were both given a 1 lap penalty.

Top Photo: Brian Wadie


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