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Deguisne tests the Mercury Racing 360 APX *Video*

John Moore on 17th June 2021

French F1H20 driver, Cedric Deguisne, has been testing the new Mercury Racing 360 APX motor.

Yesterday the Maverick Racing pilot drove the CTIC F1 Shenzhen China Team Moore hull at the former Mercury Marine test centre in Cheratte, Liege, Belgium.

Deguisne told me today:

It’s the future!

But, just like the beginning of the Optimax, in my opinion, there are modifications to be found and made to make the engine more interesting and usable in the race.

Of course, we also have to modify the boats and propellers.

So there is a good basis for work and a bright future.

Fellow countryman, Phippe Chiappe. (below) was also in Belgium for the test.

Photo: Mercury Marine France

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