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Dillard Receives Recognition from Sumter County Council

John Moore on 12th April 2019

UIM F2 World Championship pilot Brent Dillard received recognition for his racing from the Sumter County Council (South Carolina) last Tuesday.

Sumter Council Chairman James T. McCain Jr. explained:

It was now time to recognise a gentleman who travels around the world racing powerboats.

Dillard’s father Steve told council members:

Brent received a proclamation from then Gov. David Beasley for being a national champion at the age of 14 following a race in New York.

Since then Brent has won 9 US national championships, 5 North American championships.

Dillard thanked the council members.

I just want to thank you for being here and to my sponsor, Dillard Financial, for making it possible to race abroad.

McCain concluded:

The council members have just recognised the up and coming basketball star Ja Morant and Dillard has ‘already made it’.

We’re looking forward to more things from you.

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