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El Diablo & Cutting Edge Win Enemed UIM V2 Heats

John Moore on 15th June 2019

Due to rough seas, The VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship – GP2 race on Friday was cancelled, as a result of this, there was a change to the timetable, with the first race taking place at 12:15hrs today.

El Diablo, Interceptor Remax and Freccia Blu placed first, second and third.

Marine Diffusion the current championship leaders, failed to make it to the finish line and lost their championship lead to El Diablo.

Cutting Edge came in fourth, with Atomic & Grey retiring.

GP2 – Race 1

1st place – El Diablo (20 points)
2nd place – Interceptor Remaxa (17 points)
3rd place – Frecci Blu (15 points)
4th place – Cutting Edge (14 points)
5th place – Marine Diffusion RET
6th place – Atomic & Grey RET
7th place – Lethiec – DNS

The second race saw Cutting Edge take the win.

GP2 – Race 2

1st place – Cutting Edge (20 points)
2nd place – Freccia Blu (17 points)
3rd place – El Diablo (15 points)
4th place – Interceptor Remax (14 points)
5th place – Marine Diffusion (13 points)
6th place – Atomic & Grey (12 points)
7th place – Lethiec – DNS

Tomorrow will see an early start for the pilots, with a Meet and Greet at Marina di Valletta at 09:30hrs.

The final race is at 16:30 CET.

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