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Eva Petersson – A very brave Swedish Champion

John Moore on 23rd August 2016

Last weekend Eva Petersson was crowned – UIM 2016 Class 3A European Champion.

Eva from Kungshamn in Sweden sat in the navigator’s seat and steered Johan Torsell around the two race UIM European Championship with pin point accuracy.

To win an International Championship is impressive – To win with an ongoing fight against cancer is truly remarkable.

Eva told me today;

Just after New Year I found a lump in my left breast, after many tests were done, I was diagnosed with cancer.
Just after Easter I underwent an operation and then had chemotherapy.
From the very beginning I told myself, my family and friends that I will be fine. There was no other option!

To fight cancer with an operation and subsequent chemotherapy is extremely tough, sitting in the back of a Class 3A mono takes some guts, how did Eva pair the two?

Before this season started, Johan and I had a long discussion if I would be fit to race, for the first outing of this season a friend sat in the back of A-81, when I regained my strength, I have raced at every event since, including the very rough races at Tvedestrand in Norway during the World Championships.

It has been like a roller-coaster this summer, one day with chemo and the next day at a race!
My doctor has been great, moving appointments and pushing me to race.
So for me to win the European Championship feels fantastic!

Johan Torsell has been incredibly supportive of Eva’s battle;

Johan is not only an excellent driver, he has pushed me and takes care of everything when I am too tired to help.

I asked Eva what was in store for her for the rest of the season;

I have 6 more chemotherapy sessions, another race in Östhammar, together with the ‘Pink Ribbon Race’, a race to support the Breast Cancer Foundation.

It was a pleasure to have a few coffees, conversation and banter with Eva in Tvedestrand earlier this summer.

She is an inspiration to those that are fighting Cancer.

Photo: Jesper Zander

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