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F1 goes Sardegna

Frode Sundsdal on 26th September 2022

Last weekend’s F1H2o event in San Nazzaro, Italy was organized in conjunction with the national authority (FIM) and the F1 teams. The H2o Racing organization was present, but not in charge.

Starting from October 14th – 16th H2o Racing will once again be in charge of the events, from A to Z.
This means a superior livestream, timing screen and a production we took for granted before the pandemic.
Their first race back in charge will be in Sardegna, and the host city will be Olbia.

PRW announced the race in Indonesia back in February.

The F1H2o promoter was shocked, because we knew before it was confirmed, but good intel always pays off in the media world. We have now reason to believe that the event will be the season opener in 2023.

2023 will also see the F1H2o teams back in far East and with Sharjah already back on the calendar later this year it’s starting to look like business as usual for F1H2o.

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