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F1H2o Mercury Racing 4-Stroke Motor

John Moore on 5th October 2019

It isn’t a secret that the UIM F1H2o series will be moving over to 4-stroke motors in the foreseeable future and the above graphic gives an idea of how that motor will look.

The Mercury Racing Competition V8 SST, is based on Mercury’s V8 300 R model, it will weigh 167 kg and will use the existing F1 mid section and gear box with an adaptor plate.

With the additional weight and size of the engine, it is thought that the 4-stroke will not be able to be simply bolted on to the existing hulls currently competing in F1H2o.

I have spoken to one boat builder earlier this year who was already preparing for this radical change in the sport’s premier class. He indicated that his new hulls would be longer and wider.

The 2.5 litre 2-stroke Mercury engine has been used in F1H2o for many years, this change of power unit will be fascinating for the spectator, but obviously incredibly expensive for the teams.

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