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F4-s Time Trials – Chiappe heads off Lindholm and Al Fahim

Chris Davies on 13th December 2018

Frenchman Tom Chiappe, Germany’s Max Stilz and England’s Sam Whittle started the day as the favourites to push on and claim a first F4 Trophy title and they were able to size each other up for the first time in the morning’s free practice session.

Team Amaravati’s Alexander Lindholm won the stint with a 44.86sec lap, as Stilz edged in front of Chiappe and Whittle. Team Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed Al-Mehairbi is the fourth contender for the title and failed to start the practice stint.

It was a different story in the time trials to determine the race starting order and Chiappe leapt to the top of the rankings with a run of 45.00sec.

Whittle slotted into second with a 45.14sec tour and Lindholm, Stilz and Al-Mehairbi rounded off the top five until a lap of 44.54sec gave Lindholm provisional pole and pushed Chiappe down to second.

The Frenchman responded quickly to claim pole with a 44.50sec lap, as Lindholm slipped to second, the Victory Team’s Ahmed Al-Fahim moved up to third and Whittle, Al-Mehairbi and Stilz rounded off the top six in a session that finished under a yellow flag.

Grand Prix of Sharjah – F4-s Time Trials

1st) Tom Chiappe 0:43.97

2nd) Alexander Lindholm 0:44.07 + 0.10

3rd) Ahmad Al Fahim 0:44.97 + 1.00

4th) Sam Whittle 0:45.14 + 1.17

5th) Mohammed Al Mehairbi 0:45.30 + 1.33

6th) Max Stilz 0:45.44 + 1.47

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