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Fantastic F2 Livestream

Frode Sundsdal on 14th August 2022

Edgaras Riabko did not win the race, but he nailed the promotion of his event. Thats an excellent performance produced by the UIM F2 multi time European Champion and F2 local promoter in Lithuania.

If you have not had a chance to watch it, do it – its worth your time. UIM F2 has never, or at least as long I can remember had such an high quality livestream.

John Moore did an excellent job to announce the event, It was evident that he loved being a part of it. The graphic was there, the intervju´s was there with drivers, officials and the way they mixed drone, slow motion and shifted scenes was just amazing.

I really hope this is the future of UIM F2 – should be mandatory.

Also Guido Cappellini was satisfied. The 10 time UIM F1 Worldchampion, and team manager of Team Abu Dhabi wrote in a comment :

Fantastic organization, excellent work with the TV, let’s hope to come back next year.

Mr Cappellini was supported by a number of the drivers, like Nikita Lijcs and Uvis Slakteris who all loved the production put together by Edgaras Riabko.

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