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Finland’s RaceWKND announce 2021 racing calendar

John Moore on 30th November 2020

RaceWKND, the promotor and organiser of circuit powerboat racing in Finland have announced their racing calendar for 2021.

Nuppu Böhmig the RaceWKND co-promotor

Nuppu Böhmig told me today:

This season we had three fun and safe events and for 2021 we will have the basic five race events for the championship with a fun run/practice race.

Next year, all of the events are open for everyone with an open championship series and we warmly welcome overseas entrants to join us.

RaceWKND 2021 racing calendar

Nuppu’s partner in RaceWKND and husband Johannes explained:

It is important for us to publish the calendar this early for our racers and sponsors, we just hope that the yet to be announced UIM International dates don’t clash with our weekends.

The events will be open to classes SJ10 (National juniors class for age 8–12), GT15, GT30 and F4 and Nuppu concluded:

The events will all be streamed live on the internet, the links to the races will be published on the RaceWKND Facebook page.

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