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‘Football – Bloody Hell!’

John Moore on 21st December 2019

As Sir Alex Ferguson said after Manchester United’s dramatic win over Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions’ League Final win, ‘Football – Bloody Hell!’

Team Abu Dhabi’s Shaun Torrente must have had exactly the same thought as he won the 2019 F1H2o World Championship on the 45th and final lap in Sharjah today.

Torrente’s championship rival, Jonas Andersson, led the race from lights to chequered flag and it looked like the Swede would take his first title with 3/4 of a lap to go with Philippe Chiappe who was running in second place staving off Torrente.

Incredibly, Chiappe dropped down on power with just three pins to complete and Torrente moved into second and in equal measure, his second F1H2o title.

Race report from Tony Lewis.

More to follow

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