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Freccia Blu Wins In Sicily

John Moore on 5th October 2019

The 4th and final Grand Prix of the VOOMQUEST Enemed UIM V2 World Powerboat Championship had to be postponed due to bad weather conditions and the official testing, pole position and Race 1 all took place at lunchtime today.

Freccia Blu won the first race and added another 20 points to their current ranking.

They were closely followed by Lethiec, however they were not honoured with any points since they did not participate in races in the previous three GPs.

The team still took podium position for today’s race accompanied by Interceptor Remax who came in in third position, followed by El Diablo, Atomic & Grey, Marine Diffusion and Cutting Edge.

Race 2 was scheduled to take place at 15:00hrs, however after a false start, the race was suspended due to inclement weather which let to Atomic & Grey flipping.

Lethiec stopped during the first lap due to a technical fault.

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