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Gordon Cook confirms Szymura for F2 seat in 2019

John Moore on 4th April 2019

A year after his last F1H2o race for the Emirates Racing Team from Abu Dhabi, powerboat driver Mike Szymura from Berlin, Germany is back in the cockpit of a powerboat.

Last weekend Szymura travelled to Bedford, England to test Gordon Cook Racing’s UIM F2 BaBa hull for the first time.

After adjusting the seat position, steering and pedals, Szymura quickly found the balance and impressed with a good performance and fast lap times.

In the 2019 season, he will travel to Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, and Norway for the World and European Championships.

On his return to Berlin, Szymura said:

It was a lot of fun to sit in the cockpit of a powerboat again after a break of more than a year.

I quickly got along with the handling of the Baba boat and the performance of the 225 hp Mercury outboard racing engine and felt very comfortable in the cockpit.

I’m happy to have found with the Gordon Cook Racing team a very professional working team with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for racing and I’m looking forward to the coming races.

Gordon Cook commented on the session:

It was great to see how quickly Mike got along with this new powerboat.

We were very impressed by his performance and are looking forward to a joint 2019 season.

We look forward to Mike will start the season at Brodenbach.



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