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Granet and Wyatt to race Class One

Frode Sundsdal on 24th August 2022

Marc Granet and Rich Wyatt will be racing a 50’ Mystic catamaran in the US based UIM Class One series.

The boat will run under shipping company DF Young branding and the pair expect to compete in the remaining two championship races in St. Petersburg and Clearwater with the addition of entering the Key West and Englewood events.

Granet told PRW this afternoon:

I used to watch Class1 when I was a kid seeing the boats like Jolly Motor in Norway running Arendel is something I will always remember.


Rich has followed Class1 for years as well.


Needless to say we are excited to jump into the mix and get a feel for the Class.


Unlimited racing is no rules as fast as you can go.


This will require us managing the limited power we have on tap.


Strategy will play a big part.


I’ve raced the Victory and MTI hulls; I know their strengths and weaknesses.


I think we have a good overall shot at being competitive.

The team are no strangers to their Mystic hull:

We won the Key West Unlimited World Championship in 2010 in the boat and the 2021 OPA World Championship in 2021 in it as well.

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