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GT30 Worldchampionship drama

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 19th August 2023

In a shocking turn of events, the GT30 World Championship in Poland took an unexpected twist even before the official start. The spotlight was on Mr. Ravasio, a promising contender for the championship title, as he faced disqualification from the race before it even started.


It all began when the technical commissioner for the championship, renowned for his meticulous inspections, discovered a major issue with Mr. Ravasio’s boat. The bulletin issued by the commissioner confirmed that critical parts were missing from the throttle body, which could potentially increase the power of the Yamaha motor.


Expecting a swift resolution, the commissioner offered Mr. Ravasio an opportunity to rectify the problem and continue racing. However, to everyone’s surprise, the team audaciously refused to accept the offer, stubbornly refusing to make the necessary repairs. This decision left the racing community perplexed and wondering about the true reason behind this defiance.


Adding to the controversy, as the commissioner tried to document the situation by taking photographs, the team prevented any visual evidence from being gathered. This action raised even more questions and suspicions – what were they trying to hide?


The championship organizers reached out to both Mr. Ravasio and his team, seeking an explanation for their actions, but no response was forthcoming. This further fueled the speculations and fueled the fire of curiosity among the race enthusiasts.


While the disqualification of Mr. Ravasio was undoubtedly disappointing for his supporters and fans, many wondered if it had been a wise decision for his team to refuse the opportunity to rectify the issue. After all, the chance to address the problem and continue racing could have salvaged his championship hopes.


As the news spread across the racing community, discussions about the incident intensified. Opinions were divided, with some believing that Mr. Ravasio and his team may have had legitimate reasons for their decision, even without any official statement.


The disqualification sent shockwaves through the championship, but it reminded everyone of the crucial role played by the technical commissioner in ensuring fair play and safety in the races. The incident also sparked conversations about transparency and accountability in the sport.


Ultimately, the disqualification caused a shift in the atmosphere surrounding the championship. It served as a reminder that even the most promising contenders could face unexpected hurdles, and that the integrity of the race should always be upheld.


Boat #11 with Mr Ravasio finished 2 nd in the European championship in Viverone, Italy 2 weeks ago.

The Team of Boat #11 has the right to appeal the decition to the governingbody. 

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