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Heartbreak For Munthe-Kaas

John Moore on 30th June 2019

Team Abu Dhabi’s Rashed Al Qemzi won the Grand Prix of Lithuania in unexpected fashion today.

Race leader Tobias Munthe-Kaas was given a 1 lap penalty for hitting a race mark and his error cost him his first UIM F2 World Championship win, he said after:

I had a perfect run for the victory until I was deducted a lap after ‘kissing’ a turn bouy.

Unfortunately someone had been there before me and the ‘kiss’ resulted in a dislodged mark.

That’s racing, but I still feel we were there today.

Daniel Segenmark placed second and Ferdinand Zandbergen was just behind him.

Brent Dillard put in a great drive, starting from 17th, he finished 4th.

Al Qemzi, the 2017 world champion won in Kaunas for the second time in three years, it meant a perfect start to the season for him, who began the opening round of the 2019 season in pole position after dominating the previous day’s qualifying session.

On a day when gusting winds again created problems for the 20 drivers, Al Qemzi immediately lost his advantage when the 45 lap race got under way, dropping to third as Germany’s Stefan Hagin powered his way into the lead from Munthe-Kaas.

The top three stayed that way until a 26th lap yellow flag when one of the turn buoys was dislodged, and from the restart Al Qemzi took second place as Hagin lost his prop shaft.

2019 UIM Grand Prix of Lithuania

1st) Rashed Al Qemzi 45 laps
2nd) Daniel Segenmark 45 laps
3rd) Ferdinand Zandbergen 45 laps
4th) Brent Dillard 45 laps
5th) Owen Jelf 45 laps
6th) Ola Pettersson 45 laps
7th) Duarte Benavente 45 laps
8th) Konstantin Ustinov 45 laps
9th) Tobias Munthe-Kaas Lap -1
10th)Nikita Lijcs La9 -1
11th)Johan Österberg Lap -2
12th)Uvis Slakteris Lap -2
13th)Philippe Tourre Lap -2
14th)Oskar Samuelsson Lap -3
15th)Hector Sanz Lap -3
16th)Mette Brandt Bjerknæs Lap -4
17th)Manoor Al Mansoori Lap -5
18th)Stefan Hagin Lap -9
19th)Rashed Al Tayer Lap -9
20th)Rupp Temper Lap -11

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