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Historic UIMF1h2o win for Bartek Marzalak in Kopiko Grand Prix, Indonesia

Frode Sundsdal on 26th February 2023

Marszalek maiden win after Torrente penalty


This morning, Bartek Marzalak from Poland made history by claiming his first ever victory in the UIMF1h2o series. After posting the pole position at the Kopiko Grand Prix of Indonesia, Marzalak had the difficult task of defending his position against defending world champion Shaun Torrente of Team Abu Dhabi. However, it was later revealed that Torrente had jumpstarted.


The race began with a great start and Marzalak maintained his position at the front of the pack.


Unfortunately, the race was brought to a halt when Ferdinand Zandbergen of Team Sharjah rolled over. On the restart Shaun Torrente used all his expiriance, and passed Bartek Marzalak, but he was later penalized one lap for his jump start. 


Sami Selio of Team Sharjah finished second, and Erik Stark of Victory TeamDubai took third. The first ever victory for Marzalak marks an incredible triumph for the Polish driver and his team, Strømøy Racing. With this victory, Marzalak has cemented his place as one of the top drivers in the UIMF1h2o series and will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming races.

PRW spoke to Shaun Torrente, and asked for a comment after the official results was posted. We got one, but It was short. 


Congratulations Bartek!! I am just glad i got him on the restart..


Another driver that was very please to be back was Victory Team driver Erik Stark : 


Man, I missed racing. Honestly it was a pure pleasure! Was really missing this feeling! And with this amazing results for me and Ahmed we are more then happy

A 3rd and 6th position for Victory Team is a very good result.


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