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I was in «buonafede»

Frode Sundsdal on 16th August 2022

Giacomo Sacchi drove once again a fantastic race in Lithuania. He finished the race in 3rd position, and was once again on the podium, like last year. Unfortunately history repeated it self, and Giacomo was devastated when the UIM Tech Commissioner disqualified him. 

He told PRW :  



«My exhaust port was 0.09 mm off in 1 cylinder. That’s enough to be throw out. I got it. I am so sorry, At the end of the day its my name on the boat, I am responsible. My engine tuner made a mistake last year as well, and we all do mistakes right? So we continued to trust him, In Italian we say, I was in «buonafede» but now have to decide what to do. We will for sure comeback in Portugal, after a test in Viverone»

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