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ICARUS Sports secure XCAT media package

John Moore on 7th January 2021

ICARUS Sports has secured a media partnership with the UIM XCAT World Championship.

The series will be promoted by World Powerboat Management LLC this season and they have instructed ICARUS Sports to produce live streaming from all the races, social media and daily highlights clips during the events, raw footage and interviews for TV usage, and 26-min documentaries for each event.

A spokesman for World Powerboat Management commented on the partnership:

WPM is delighted to be part of this exciting powerboat sport discipline and we strongly believe we will bring it to a whole new level thanks to our team efforts and investments.

ICARUS Sports will be distributing the daily highlights clips to online media, and the documentaries and live rights to media outlets worldwide.

Highlights from the event will be included in their monthly TV show, Gearing Up.

ICARUS Sports will also be producing a dedicated standalone UIM XCAT World Series Championship TV series.

Dr Raffaele Chiulli, UIM President commented on the news:

We are thrilled to be partnering with ICARUS Sports to take the breathtaking action of the iconic UIM XCAT World Championship Series to an ever-growing audience in the four corners of the planet.

ICARUS Sports’ expertise and global reach will allow the fans of our Sport to enjoy the most spectacular powerboat racing coverage from up close.

As yet, World Powerboat Management have not announced a calendar for this season.

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