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Invernizzi ‘Out of Danger’

John Moore on 21st September 2019

Mario Invernizzi, the sole survivor of a tragic accident in Venice last Tuesday night, is said to be out of danger according to his friend and family lawyer, Marcello Perillo.

Invernizzi was on board the FPT powered, FB Design hull with Fabio Buzzi, Luca Nicolini and Eric Hoorn that set a new Monte Carlo to Venice speed record,(18 hours and 32 minutes) before the boat hit a breakwater after crossing the timing line in the Lido di Venezia.

Perillo told Il Giorno Lecco:

He’s out of danger, but he’s extremely distraught for the loss of 3 of his closest friends including Fabio Buzzi who has always been a sort of paternal figure for him.

Invernizzi’s condition is improving and the CT scan that was performed yesterday has ruled out neurological damage, he could be discharged from hospital tomorrow.

Perillo continued:

He feels like a miraculous survivor.

He confirmed to me that 50 miles from Venice he gave the control of the boat to Buzzi and that once he entered the lagoon and crossed the finish line, he took off his belt and left the seat to go into the luggage compartment with the idea of disembarking.

The psychological consequences remain the hardest to face because Invernizzi has survived a tragedy that in a fraction of a second has transformed a moment of joy to immense pain.

That is extremely difficult to cope with.

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