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Is FourStroke on the cards for UIM F1 and F2?

John Moore on 23rd July 2018

There is a distinct concern amongst teams in UIM F1H2o and to a point in UIM F2.

It has become the ‘Elephant in the Room’ and isn’t widely discussed on blogs or on Social Media.

Very simply, what does the future hold for those classes in terms of power?

Last August, Mercury Racing announced that the 200XS (the F2 Motor) would no longer be produced as a complete outboard after 2018, although ‘they will continue with annual builds of replacement powerheads to support the product that is still in use’.

That engine no longer appears as a ‘competition’ engine on the Mercury Racing web site.

In F1H2o, the Mercury 2.5l itre engine which was introduced into the series in 2000 is out of production and the teams are struggling to find replacement parts.

Mercury Marine have been introducing FourStroke motors across their product range for last few years.

Even the ‘die-hard’ 2-Stroke fans have been impressed by the power and moreover the weight of these new engines.

In June, Mercury Racing announced that its new 4.6L V-8 FourStroke 300R outboard would be the power of choice for the US Powerboat P1 SuperStock series in 2019.

Is it a stretch to think that we will see a variation of this unit in the UIM Formula Series’ in the coming years?

I asked Rick Mackie, the Senior Marketing Manager of Mercury Racing:

We are constantly working on new products.
The P1 Superstock class is great as they are using consumer engines in a racing environment. It’s a natural transition from the 300XS to the 300R.

I guess we will have to continue to watch this space.

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