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Jarno ”Jape” Vilmunen

Frode Sundsdal on 13th December 2021

Jarno ”Jape” Vilmunen was 12-years-old when he piloted a powerboat world – and he instantly told to his family that his sights are set on the Formula 1-class world championship.


Now he is 21 years old and he have worked relentlessly ever since those days to achieve his dream. Over the years he have moved up to bigger boat classes and have had good success in Finnish, Nordic, and World Championship races.

His team and him took a major step in his racing career when he transferred to the demanding Formula 4-class in the 2019 season. F4-class boats are tunnel catamarans with a 60-horsepower engine and a top speed of nearly 120 kilometers an hour.


His promo video gives an idea of the speed, the challenge, and the spectacular nature of this

He have just received a new F4 boat that he will use in the 2022 season. Prerequisites for success in the next season are solid.

He told today:

The goals for the season 2022 is to develop as a driver and to do a lot of work towards it and thereby achieve good results in the value races and of course win Finnish and World Championships.


His placement in previous years:


2012 SJ-15 class, 2nd in Finnish Championship
2013 GT-30 class, 3rd in Finnish Championship
2014 GT-30 class, 2nd in Finnish Championship
2015 GT-30 class, 2nd in Finnish Championship
2016 GT-30 class, 2nd in Finnish Championship, 5th in World Championship, 3rd in Nordic Championship
2017 GT-30 class, 1st in Finnish Championship, 4th in World Championship, 2nd in Nordic Championship
2018 GT-30 class, 1st in Finnish Championship
2019 F4 class, 5th in Finnish Championship, 5ft in Nordic Championship
2020 F4 class (I was only in one Finnish Championship race, due to my military service and coronavirus restrictions)
2021 F4 class, 5th in Finnish Championship

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