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Jernfast turns up the heat on Lehtonen in UIM F4 qualifying

Chris Davies on 22nd September 2018

Sweden’s Morgan Jernfast took pole position for the fifth round of the 2018 UIM F4 World Championship in Mâcon.

His big rival this weekend, Tuukka Lehtonen, had a bizarre accident after the qualifying session.

After breaking his steering wheel, he hit the pontoon and severely damaged his boat – It will not be able to be repaired for this afternoon’s race. 

Q1 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 5 Qualifying

UIM F4 World Championship leader Lehtonen from Finland set a time of 44.981 seconds on the Saône river in Mâcon this afternoon, fast enough for a Q1 session win.

Tuukka Lehtonen before damaging his boat after qualifying Photo: Xavier Bertin

Quentin Dailly had set a 44.347 in morning free practice, although in trying to match that speed the French driver barrel rolled his hull.

Nikita Lijcs from Latvia carded a 45.191, good enough for second, while Sweden’s Morgan Jernfast set the third quickest Q1 time.

1) Tuukka Lehtonen 44.981
2) Nikita Lijcs 45.191
3) Morgan Jernfast 45.355
4) Quentin Dailly 45.548
5) Pierre Lambert 45.591
6) Ben Jelf 45.856
7) Paulius Stainys 46.003
8) Rudy Revert 46.165
9) Xavier Autard 46.465
10) Attila Horváth 47.099
11) Camille Broutechoux 50.339

Q2 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 5 Qualifying

Lehtonen’s Q2 time of 44.656 seconds was good enough to win the second session and ensure he safely went through to the Q3 ‘shoot out’.

His Championship rival, Morgan Jernfast posted a 44.810, second quickest and Nikita Lijcs was third fastest in the second session.

Britain’s Ben Jelf set his quickest time of the day, 45.487, fourth fastest.

1st) Tuukka Lehtonen 44.656
2nd) Morgan Jernfast 44.810
3rd) Nikita Lijcs 45.303
4th) Ben Jelf 45.487
5th) Rudy Revert 45.798
6th) Xavier Autard 46.356
7th) Paulius Stainys 46.741
8th) Attila Horváth 48.112
9th) Camille Broutechoux 50.742
Pierre Lambert DNS
Quentin Dailly DNS

Q3 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 5 Qualifying

Jernfast left the best for last and posted a stunning 43.750 second tour, ensuring Pole Position.

Of the 6 ‘shoot-out’ drivers, only Jernfast and Lehtonen swapped positions from Q2.

1st) Morgan Jernfast 43.750
2nd) Tuukka Lehtonen 44.048
3rd) Nikita Lijcs 44.325
4th) Ben Jelf 44.924
5th) Rudy Revert 45.221
6th) Xavier Autard 46.614

2018 UIM F4 World Championship (after 4 rounds)

1st) Tuukka Lehtonen FIN 68 points
2nd) Morgan Jernfast SWE 61 points
3rd) Nikita Lijcs LAT 54 points
4th) Ben Jelf GBR 52 points
5th) Rudy Revert 51 points
6th) Quentin Dailly FRA 46 points
7th) Paulius Stainys LTU 37 points
8th) Attila Horvath HUN 22 points

2018 UIM F4 World Championship Rounds 5 & 6

Saturday 22nd 

17:15 – 17:35 : Round 5 – 2018 UIM F4 World Championship
18:45 – 19:15 : Podium

Sunday 23rd

09:15 – 10:00 : Free Practice
16:15 – 16:35 : Round 6 – 2018 UIM F4 World Championship
18:15 : Podium

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