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Kevin Reiterer on top of his game in Moto 1

Chris Davies on 12th December 2018

The Victory Team’s Kevin Reiterer led this morning Moto 1 in Ski Division GP1 from pole position,  cruising to the chequered flag 31.29sec ahead of 2018 European Champion Raphael Maurin of France to extend his series lead to 19 points.

It was an unfortunate Moto for the defending champion Quinten Bossche who ended up in the 13th spot after dropping his ignition key, leaving Maurin the only candidate with enough points to compete against Reiterer for the title. 

Dane Anders Keller was the best of a distant pack of riders and grabbed the bronze medal leaving Hungary’s Gabor Szabo in fourth.  Marten Manni finished 5th overall, after a long fight to move up from the 16th spot. 

2018 UIM-ABP World Championship – Grand Prix of Sharjah 

Ski Division GP1 – Moto 1

  1. Kevin Reiterer (AUT) – 25 pts
  2. Raphael Maurin (FRA) – 20 pts
  3. Keller Anders (DEN) – 16 pts
  4. Gabor Szabo (HUN) – 13 its
  5. Marten Manni (EST) – 11 pts
  6. Daniel Andersen (NOR) – 10 its
  7. Steven Dauliach (UAE) – 9 pts
  8. Slaven Ivancic (HRV) – 8 pts
  9. Ulrik Berntsen (NOR) – 7 pts
  10. Axel Courtois (FRA) – 6 pts 
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