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Larsson departure reaction

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 18th September 2022

PRW have been talking to people in the sport about the departure of Pelle Larsson from the UIM.

Thomas Kurth – Secretary General at Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM):

We are losing one of the most competent and charismatic powerboat racing experts within the UIM.

Pelle had expressed his intention to leave at the end of last season already, and lucky enough for us he accepted to continue his mission within UIM, mostly in the context of the F2. T

his is not good news for us and we will have to find an alternative way forward.

I wish Pelle relief from the tensions that have surrounded him and I keep up my hope to see him back on duty in the international powerboating sport sometime in the future.

ADIMSC General Manager Salem Al Rumaithi:

I have deep respect for this person, Pelle Larsson is one of the personalities who worked professionally and excelled in all the races that was under his supervision.

Thanks to him for the success of most of the tournaments that were under his supervision, and I can confirm that Races wouldn’t work without him.

Jeni Jelf of Jelf Racing:

This is possibly one of my saddest days ever at a race meeting. The Jelf family have always had the upmost respect for you Pelle and have always been some of your strongest supporters. Ted would be very sad if he were still here.

I’m sorry to say it, but the UIM really needs to modernise and stop this ridiculous behaviour before it is too late. They are protecting the wrong people and are not keeping up with the real world.

‘Thank you’ is never going to be enough to express our gratitude for everything you have done Pelle.

You are the voice of reason and experience and you are trusted.

We have raced beside you, we have raced ‘under’ your guidance and for everything you you have accomplished, we all owe you a huge debt.

I genuinely wish there is something that we can do to change your mind. Here in F2 you are appreciated, you are respected and you are needed.

BUT I understand that your integrity and happiness must come first, as well as your dear family xx

Please change your mind Pelle give up everything else, just stay with us.

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