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Larsson’s farewell letter

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 18th October 2022

Last month in Portugal Pelle Larsson, the UIM F2 Race Director announced that he was standing down from the role and from being the Chairman of the UIM Formulae Committee.

To coincide with the 95th UIM General Assembly, the Swede has posted a farewell letter to the UIM Council.

Thank you!


We are many who work within UIM, and we are many who think it is the funniest things to do.


I am one of them or I was one of them, I have now decided to leave UIM, (maybe most of you already know, but want to send little more personal letter), I will fulfill my commitments up to and during UIM GA, but I will not be present.

Boat racing has been my life for more than 50 years.


My family, my friends, yes everyone who has been involved and supported me and who has complied with my program and all my assignments, knows how much time I spent on the sport, but I have done it with joy.


I have had the opportunity to work with so many incredibly nice, talented, and committed people during all these years, it has been fantastic.


I have not agreed with everyone but there has always been a respect.


I have not always done everything right, but I have been committed to the sport and I have always wanted the sport the best, even though many people think different.


To be able to work as a UIM Commissioner and then also Race Director in different classes, has made me extremely proud.


When I received a request to become chairman of the Formulae committee, I know no bounds for my pride.


I will of course miss all my colleagues and friends in the sport, you have all meant an incredible amount to me that I will have with me in my thoughts when I think back.

Larsson continues with his thoughts on how the sport has developed during his time of being involved.


A big change that requires the commitment of everyone and we know that many of us have been careless over the years.

I have also done so when I started racing in 1971, here it is important that we all help each other.


Our young drivers have this with them from their upbringing and from school when they enter the sport.


The sport will be developed even more with new environmentally friendly motors, also new electric classes knocking on the door of UIM.


There is full development on new classes, so the future looks bright for UIM.



I think it has been a big change for the better, it is no longer a sport for just tough guys who run fast boats.


There have always been women in the sport over the years, but today it is a sport with many more female participants in all categories and who makes fantastic result.

That a women would win an F1 race in 2015, I do not think no one could predict, but today no one would be surprised.


Look at circuit racing today, how many talented girls there are in each class, who has become World Champion and European Champion.


This is fantastic. I feel proud of the development that the sports have had and has.


I would like to suggest having more women who is OOD and then also UIM Commissioner, it is needed more in the future.


It is not just a male sport anymore, now we are quite an equal sport as it should be when entering 2023.


The office has developed since Secretary General Thomas Kurth started working, together with Head of Office Chantal Mercardier, who is the most important person at the office, with all the knowledge she has of the sport.


My cooperation’s with UIM office has always been so correct, I had have 100% support, Chantal Mercardier is my hero.

Code of ethics

We usually talk about that drivers and organizers should follow the code of ethics, what about us when we put the UIM shirt on, should we not follow it?

Being out and representing UIM as a UIM Commissioner, Race Director puts high demands on you as an official, you must respect others as you want to be respected yourself, you must follow the rule book as you want other to follow the rule book and 100% focus on fair-play.


It is required for you to have a successful event and for you to be able to perform your UIM assignment in the best way.

He concludes:

I will probably regret my decision in the future, but I will certainly survive, the loss of all my racing friends will probably be the greatest, many have a special place in my heart, many I will continue to meet.


I must give a special thanks to my former F2 colleagues Giacomo Borgonovi, Szymon Nowak, Luca Basilico, Jason Brewer, Paul Balfour, Agnieszk Grajewska, Milla Sohlström, Elek Kosma and Owen Jelf, my former X-cat colleagues Sebastiano Pellecchia, Pasquale Sesana and Mohamed Al Sadi, UIM office, UIM council Cominsport, Comintech, F4 working group, and others that have been with me.

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