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Latvian’s Lijcs and Neikšāns swap cockpits

John Moore on 24th August 2020

Last weekend a powerboat racer and a rally driver swapped disciplines – with mixed results!

Latvian’s Nikita Lijcs and Māris Neikšāns put up a challenge to see how each other would fare in their proffered sport.

UIM F2 racer Lijcs had to learn to listen to the co-driver’s navigation note readings and to see how fast he could drive the rally car over a 4 km course with springboards, sharp turns and a gravel road.

After the test, Lijc’s co-driver was very surprised at how fast he was able to adapt to the rally conditions and drive at 140 kph on the gravel track.

Lijcs also expressed his surprise immediately after getting out of the rally car:

I am very pleasantly surprised by the result!

You can feel that the adrenaline has returned to your blood!

We were driving at high speed and at one point the car fell sideways, but I was able to gather and continue on the road.

The most difficult task was to get used to the car and listen to the co-driver’s instructions.

Neikšāns first ever drive in Lijcs UIM F4 boat was met with gusting winds.

The track on the water was about a one km long with two buoys and 180-degree bends with Lijcs giving instructions to Neikšāns over the radio.

After five laps and gaining speed and confidence all the time, the Baja Russia Northern Forest rally winner turned the hull over.

Neikšāns was unharmed and more than surprised with the handling differences between the boat and his race car.

The pair and looking to continue their swapping project in the future.

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