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Latvia’s Laura drives to 2020 UIM GT30 European Championship

John Moore on 16th August 2020

Laura Lakovica-Lakovica won the final two heats of the UIM GT30 European Championship in Kupiškis, Lithuania today and in turn took the 2020 title.

Photo: Viesturs Lacis | Rekords

Laura drove with steel and determination, which was required as she had the threat of Andrè Faye Solvang constantly hunting her down.

Solvang, who’d had his boat extensively repaired over night following a coming together with Kärol Soodla just didn’t have the speed of the start dock to challenge Laura from Latvia.

As it was, the 2019 UIM GT30 world champion took UIM Silver with another lady driver, Soodla taking the bronze.

The racing at the font could be frenetic at times and it was great to see three committed competitors giving their all in the pursuit of championship glory.

Drama in Kupiškis as top two are disqualified

UIM GT30 European Championship - Kupiškis, Lithuania

#CountryDriverHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Total
7ESTKärol Soodla4000169225794
69FINSami Reinikainen 127169225169563 / 690
76FINSaari Arttu2252259595 545 / 640
47LITMantas Kukcinavičius4012771127325 / 365
27FINNoel Vänttinen169012740336
70SWEHilmer Viberg 7195071237
25FIN Tino Lehto53711753194
87LATRoberts Minings        13*534030136
99FINTino Seppälä 17402222101
73ESTMärten Arula30053083
59LATToms Smilskalns      2230301799
50LATLaura Lakovica-Lakovica95300*400*400*1100 / 1195 / DQ
1NORAndrè Faye Solvang3004003003001000/ 1300 / DQ
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