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Marit – ‘make the best of what you have instead of focusing about what you wish you had’

John Moore on 10th December 2018

Marit Strømøy’s best season in F1H2o was in 2015 when she finished 5th overall in the World Championship and became the first lady to ever win in the pinnacle of Circuit Powerboat Racing.

Her victory in Sharjah on that December day 3 years ago sent out a message that skill, hard work and determination are the secret to success.

Her 2018 season is looking to be equally as good, the Norwegian has only failed to finish in Portugal at the start of the season, picked up points in Britain, France and China and then really started to impress.

In India she was sitting pretty at the top of the BRM F1 qualifying timing board only to see Team Abu Dhabi’s Shaun Torrente snatch pole from her grasp at the very last.

In the race competing against the mighty Abu Dhabi team, whose three drivers had secured two successive 1-2-3 race finishes in France and China, she put on one of the finest races of her F1h2o career finishing second behind Torrente.

On Friday in Abu Dhabi, Marit once again held provisional pole, only for Erik Stark (above) to beat her with the final lap of the session.

With a commendable 4th place overall in the race, Marit now lies 6th overall in the Championship behind the Abu Dhabi and CTIC F1 Shenzhen China drivers.

Marit, your season has really started to come together since India, you are qualifying incredibly well and challenging for podiums – Have you and your Emirates Racing Team made many changes?

We’ve actually had this performance all year, but have suffered with some technical issues that set us back a bit.

In India and Abu Dhabi we had two complete events without any problems and our results improved a lot.

We’re constantly working on developing more power, better handling of the boat etc and it seems to pay off.

I mention that you are behind the Abu Dhabi and CTIC F1 teams in the championship, how difficult is it not only to race them on the water but compete with their larger budgets?

As with all motor sport having a good team and good equipment is essential.

Our boat is the oldest in the field and we are very limited money-wise.

However, we have proved that with the right spending, and with a lot of work and dedication – we can do it.

I have to give a huge thanks to my guys inside the team.

They are working nonstop and together we make a great package, even if the money is limited.

In my opinion it is important to make the best of what you have instead of focusing about what you wish you had.

We have the final race of the season in Sharjah on Saturday, where the World Championship will be decided by 3 drivers, Shaun Torrente, Al-Qemzi and Erik Stark, do you expect to get amongst them again and split the points?

I don’t expect to be there, but I’m working for it.

I’m sure it’s possible and it would be so much fun to finish the season with another podium.

For your 2018 Championship aspirations, you need to finish ahead of Philippe Chiappe next weekend for fifth overall, surely you couldn’t have dreamed to have been in this position at the start of the season?

I will do my best here in Sharjah and my focus is the podium.

If that will take me to 5th overall I’d say we’ve had a pretty good season.

Next year we will focus on avoiding all these small technical issues so the results and mirror the actual performance at every race.

Then I believe anything is possible.

Finally, Marit can you give Powerboat Racing World an exclusive? Will the Emirates Racing Team be running the same driver line-up in 2019 and do you have any surprises for next season?

Our teamowner Paola Gillman has to answer that question!

The collaboration with Bartek Marszalek has been a great experience.

Not only is he a competitive driver, but he is also a great person with a great group of guys with him.

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