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Mercury Racing reveal new 200 APX motor

John Moore on 19th April 2021

Mercury Racing has officialy announced its 200 APX, a V6 four-stroke model designed for UIM F2 and APBA OPC tunnel boat racing.

Rated at more than 200 horsepower, the engine offers racers a durable powerhead and the latest in four-stroke engine technology, while reducing exhaust emissions by 50% compared to the Mercury Racing 200 XS OptiMax model and 90% compared to the legacy SST 120 model.

More importantly to the racers, the new motor only weighs 25 pounds more than the OptiMax, and has more power at the prop.


The 200 APX is the first V6 four-stroke outboard produced by Mercury Racing.

The powerhead is based on the Mercury Marine 3.4-liter double overhead cam/four-valve powerhead with a 64-degree cylinder angle. To prepare the engine for competition, Mercury Racing raises the compression ratio from 10:1 to 11:1, increases peak RPM from 5800 to 6800, and fits a lightweight carbon fiber cowl that incorporates forced cold air induction.

The 200 APX uses the same robust 12-inch midsection as the Mercury Racing 360 APX V8 competition outboard, with a structural wet sump driveshaft housing and integrated power trim and lift with remote pumps.

An evolved version of the Mercury Racing Super Speed Master (IV SSM) outboard gearcase is direct-drive with no neutral or reverse shifting. Above-water exhaust offers unrestricted flow and produces an exciting tone for racing fans.

When will it be used?

At a UIM F2 drivers meeting held last Saturday, Pelle Larsson, who recently took the role of as chairman of the UIM Formulae Committee, told the teams to ready themselves for the 2023 season.

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