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Modin and Jansson’s UIM Class 3A Euro Hat-Trick

John Moore on 17th August 2019

Anton Modin and Susanne Jansson added a third UIM Class 3A European Championship title to their CV’s after completing the hat-trick in Nynäshamn, Sweden.

The pair first won the Championship at Tvedestrand, Norway in 2017 and they retained the title in Smögen, Sweden last year.

They used the same Phantom 19g hull in all 3 championships, although after the second and final race their trusty steed was a looking a tad battle worn!

Thomas Billman and Jonatan Rindar took the UIM Silver Medal with Johan Torsell and Maiken Asplund rounding off the podium.

2019 UIM Class 3A European Championship

#DriverCo-DriverHeat 1Heat 2Total
A82Anton ModinSusanne Jansson400300700
A85Thomas BillmanJonatan Rindar225400625
A81Johan TorsellMaiken Asplund127225352
A4Mathias HalvorsenCaroline Garcia300DNF300
A87Dan Torkel Kaasa GliddiGünther Bjørn Sonesen Hirschel-Haag169127296
A73Lina HamrénJenny Viberg95169264
A199Filip A Hoffman-RingkvistHenrik SagfossenDNFDNF0
A99Peter BjerstenJohan IngerlundDNFDNF0
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