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More Phantom 19 G-lory

John Moore on 8th July 2017

Anton Modin and Susanne Jansson became the 2017 UIM Class 3A European Champions in Tvedestrand, Norway this afternoon.

Modin, driving a British built Phantom 19 G, gave the stepped hull design its third international title since 2014.

The young Swede will now have his toughest challenge yet when he takes part in the World Championships to be staged in Guernsey this September.

2017 UIM Class 3A European Championship – Heat 2

1 A-082 Anton Modin/Susanne Jansson SWE
2 A-066 Inge Lund/Per Anders Bergan NOR
3 A-025 Trond Morten Olaussen/Espen Guldbransen NOR
4 A-098 Karl Rasmussen/Martin Steinrud NOR
5 A-004 Mathias Halvorsen/Caroline Garcia NOR

Flying Fins win Offshore Class 3C

Marcus Johnsson and Jussi Myllymäki from Finland took their second win of the weekend in 3C and in equal measure, the European Championship for their class.

2017 UIM Class 3C European Championship – Heat 2

1 C-101 3C Marcus Johnsson/Jussi Myllymäki FIN
2 C-002 3C Jan Trygve Braaten/Kjetil Bjørntvedt NOR
3 C-045 3C Sebastian Groth/Josefin Due-Boje SVE
4 C-086 3C Fredrik Groth Fyrø/Filip Bjørk SWE
5 C-091 3C Geir J Einerkjær/Simen Einerkjær NOR
6 C-094 3C Jonas Hansen/Thomas A Martinsen NOR
DNF C-029 3C Anders W. Pettersen/Kjetil Kristoffersen NOR
DNF C-055 3C Erik S. Johansen/Christian Carlsen NOR

Photos: Fotograf Pickla

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